New Horizons 考试辅导(SAT\ACT\SSAT)& Language Arts


New Horizons' SSAT program is designed for students who want to go to elite American boarding schools or top international schools in Shanghai. 

We offer the most complete SSAT preparation program in Shanghai. Our original textbook and workbooks prepare students for the demanding reading, verbal and math sections of the upper-level SSAT.

This interactive and engaging program simplifies SSAT test-taking strategies while providing a good balance between study and fun. 

This course is also suitable for lower-level SSAT or ISEE students.

Class Information:

  • 30 hours class time (12 students at most in a classroom)

  • 3 mock SAT tests and automatic grading system

  • 250 core words and 250 advanced words

  • Subjects include vocabulary, critical reading, writing, and math

  • Arithmetic, pre-algebra and basic geometry

  • Vocabulary: analogies and synonyms

  • Timed essay writing


When should my child start preparing for the SSAT?

Most students prepare in the summer or early fall for a fall test cycle. For thoses who need more help with vocabulary, we recommend spring or summer pre-coursework to target language weaknesses.

Is New Horizons' SSAT program suitable for my child?

New Horizons' SSAT program is suitable for native English-speaking students or high-intermediate non-native English language learners. For those students who want to improve English and have guidance in the SSATs, we provide specially designed small classes and private tutorials.

What's the difference between upper and lower level tests?

Both the upper and lower level SSAT require skills in reading, vocabulary, math and timed writing. SSAT lower level is for students entering grades 5-7; students in grades 8-10 take the upper-level test.

Can my child test locally? What are the dates that he/she can test?

Yes. The SSAT is open to all students in downtown Shanghai - and some students can test at their prospective international schools. Visit for information on upcoming test dates and test-site locations.

You are welcome to contact us to schedule a free diagnostic test. Our course consultants and teachers will evaluate the student's abilities in every aspect, explain the admissions process and show the program in details to you.

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