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2016-10-02MYW 1st Prize Essay of Summer Writing Contest
MYW 1st Prize Essay of Summer Writing Contest
In the MYW unit of this summer, students were tasked to write a short story based on their novel Coraline, a fantasy/horror story about a girl finding a frightful new world. They were instructed to use sensory details that appeal to the five senses in their writing. Mandy did a very good job and won the first prize. In her essay, she implemented hig… More>>
2016-09-06EYW 2nd Prize Essay of Summer Writing Contest
EYW 2nd Prize Essay of Summer Writing Contest
One of the assignments in this summer’s EYW unit is called "Letter of Introduction", where students were asked to introduce themselves in a friendly, multi-paragraph letter, paying close attention to format and appropriate tone. Chelsie did very well on this task. She managed to create a very personal and detailed letter that surprised he… More>>
2016-03-262016 Spring Writing Contest Winners
2016 Spring Writing Contest Winners
Starting from this spring, New Horizons will hold writing contests for our students every semester. This event is called Essay Award Day, which is exclusively aimed at students in our language arts classes! Who are the first winners? Here is the list.Essay: An Analytical Essay of Night Upper Years(Grade 8-Grade 9) Winner:Scarlett Winner:Mand… More>>
2015-11-08Winning Essays of Halloween Writing Contest
Winning Essays of Halloween Writing Contest
To celebrate Halloween with a fun writing contest is New Horizons' long-time tradition. This year, we have two winners from this contest. They are Aimee and Wendy! Congratulations! Now, let's take a look at their wonderful works.Donnot stand at my grave and weep by Aimee (Grade 6)Do not stand at my grave and weep,I am a haunted sou… More>>
2015-11-26MYW Sample Essay by April
MYW Sample Essay by April
Last fall, our Middle Years students developed argument essays based on fictional crime scenarios. Students wrote from the perspective of police detectives trying to uncover the truth. They were taught to analyze possible evidence and to develop warrants and claims using logical reasoning. Below is an essay written by our student.。April SAS Grade 7… More>>
2015-11-25Pre AP/IB Sample Essay by Tommy
Pre AP/IB Sample Essay by Tommy
In our PreAP/IB course, students are occasionally required to write a timed, in-class essay based on an actual AP essay exam question. In our Fall 2014 class, students were asked to read a passage and analyze it in a fully developed essay. Below is an essay written by one of our students. More>>
2015-11-15MYW Sample Essay by Roy
MYW Sample Essay by Roy
The first major writing assignment in our Spring 2015 Middle Years Writing course required students to create an original character – an antagonist. Students were given creative freedom to write a back story explaining how this character developed. Below is an essay from one of our students.Roy SHSID Grade 7 A Description of an AntagonistIn the dar… More>>

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